MJSuite – About Us

Marijuana Industry Analytics, Business Software Integration, Product Forecasting


At MJSuite we are a group of individuals with backgrounds in warehouse management, facilities planning, operations management, software integration, product forecasting, cycle production and business support.

What We Can Provide Your Business

The marijuana industry is the hottest upcoming business market to be developing today in the United States and Canada. With our expertise, we can provide services and software to help get your business manage production, analyze sales, and find the best software solutions that your business needs, including custom creations.

Product Forecasting and Cycle Production –

When planning out a production environment, it is essential to forecast and produce amounts of product needed to meet expectations. Having accurate forecasts to help determine proper cycle production is important to any operation, the Marijuana business is no different. MJSuite has a custom made solution that we utilize not only to help with facilities planning, but also many customers employ to forecast their sales and production from seed to sale. Proper planting, drying, inventory and production times are essential to meet sales requirements and our proprietary software helps business meet these requirements.

Software Integration and Business Support –

Choosing the proper software is essential to a business operation. Our team has the knowledge of the best systems on the market to meet your businesses needs. From inventory control, warehouse management, to retail point of sale systems, we can help you choose the best system for your company along with the integration to your businesses operations.

Custom Solutions –

Our team is uniquely skilled at understanding what businesses need.  We develop a partnership with each organization we work with, immerse ourselves in their daily operation to truly understand and have a hands on experience with what they need from their software solutions.  Our dedicated team of developers listen to every need our partners and consultants require of the custom solutions we develop.  Along with the personal experience of a custom made solution, you get access to our developers to help with integration, training and support, as changes can be made if any requests are needed during training and integration.


We look forward to working with your organization soon.